Pilot is the pilot of the series. The air date for this episode is currently unknown. This pilot will air on YouTube in hopes of the series getting picked up.



Voice CastEdit

Main Voice CastEdit

  • Jason Eugene V./FaZe Jev as Brandon Vhader
  • TBA as TBA


  • Brandon Frangipani - Writer
  • Josh Dudley - Concept Artist/Artist
  • TBA - Animator

Note: if you are wanting to animate the YouTube pilot, message me or Dudley on the Discord chat so we can interview you.

Production NewsEdit

Brandon Frangipani, co-creator of the series, started making an 11-minute pilot script on April 13, 2017. The plot is being kept under wraps in order not to ruin anything. So far, the only confirmed characters that are appearing are Brandon Vhader and an unnanounced character.


  • After the pilot premieres on YouTube, there will be a message at the end stating that a petition will be linked in the description box, in hopes of the series getting picked up. If both the pilot and petition get popular enough, the series might just get picked up.

Production ArtworkEdit




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